Hi dear friends and future friends! I have been dreaming of Milk + Honey Mom for over two years, but as it goes with dreams, other things took priority. I finally called 2020 as the year we launch this baby, especially since all three of my children would be in school full time. I started working on content and was going to finish working on content after spring break while the kids were in school - and then the pandemic hit! And here we find ourselves in a new reality where I don't accomplish much in the dream department for a while - womp, womp, womp (cry me a river, right?).

Finally I pulled myself up off the ground and said - now we're going to do this. We will launch differently, slowly, use social media to engage and eventually get this site all ready to do. So follow Milk + Honey Mom on Instagram and Facebook to see what's coming and what you can look forward too. And if you are willing to be on my INSIDER team and let me pick your brain about the pulls of motherhood  and womanhood and the products you personally love - please sign up for my email list - I would love to chat and send you a survey! THANK YOU FRIEND!

- JULES [ milk + honey Mom ]

Thank You!

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